Stevie Wonder songs made an incredible contributions to soul, R&B, and pop music. His extensive discography features timeless classics that have left an indelible mark on the music industry.


The Stevie Wonder Celebration plays memorable versions of nearly 20 of the maestros songs. You can listen to some of them in the player on this page.

But as a reminder, what about these tracks!

“Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing”

One of Stevie Wonder’s most beloved tracks, “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing,” showcases his remarkable songwriting and vocal abilities. Released in 1973 as part of his album “Innervisions,” this song is a vibrant blend of Latin, jazz, and funk elements. Its upbeat tempo and infectious melody make it an instant mood lifter. The lyrics, with their message of positivity and resilience, have made this song a timeless anthem for overcoming adversity. When the Stevie Wonder Celebration performs this song, you won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing.

“Did I Hear You”

While not as well-known as some of his other hits, “Did I Hear You” is a hidden gem in Stevie Wonder’s catalogue. Indeed this soulful ballad, released on the “Talking Book” album in 1972, showcases his soul-stirring vocal performance and masterful songwriting. Accordingly the emotional depth of the lyrics and the tender arrangement create an intimate and introspective atmosphere. Performing “Did I Hear You” highlights the versatility of Stevie Wonder Celebrations repertoire, you won’t believe your ears.


“Superstition” is a funk-rock masterpiece that has stood the test of time. Released in 1972 as part of the “Talking Book” album, this song is instantly recognizable by its iconic clavinet riff and infectious groove. Coupled with our energetic and charismatic performance and combined with the song’s irresistible rhythm, makes it a real crowd-pleaser. When we play “Superstition” you will find yourself dancing and grooving to the funky sounds of a true Stevie Wonder classic.

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